Furry leatherman cutting the plastic wrap around Bryce
Four leathermen restrain Bryce Pierce in plastic wrap
Michael Cory sucking Bryce's pierced dick

Rough Sex ? Edge Play ? The twisted fuckers at  FetishForce.com have done their best to totally redefine "safe sex". Even the most filthy minded freak will appreciate how far these guys are willing go to get off.

Too often in porn these days, directors think that harnesses and chaps a fun fashion accessories, but that is NOT what you are going to find here. The the sound of flogging and cock sucking, mixed with the sight of leather, muscle, and hairy men will push your nuts to the bursting point. Not only are Bryce Pierce, Joe Stack, Michael Cory & Boyd Thomas stunning piece of pure, all male flesh, they are unstoppable perverts who like to see how far they can push themselves. Pity the poor dude wrapped up on the table who is helpless to stop them. Bondage is only the beginning when these pierced and tattooed studs get started. If this is the Swiss Army, you can sign me up.

If you are man enough to to peek into "the darkest corners of S&M," then you need to go to Fetish Force right now.

Pierced cock and a knofe
Bryce Pierce gets his cock threated with a knife
Joe Stack floggs a restrained Bryce Pierce

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