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Ah… the old trick of telling your hot friend “my back hurts” so you can get him to give you a nice back massage that most likely will end in sex, or in no sex and then you’ll have a boner to take care of alone —it’s a double edged sword. Anyways, here’s a scene that will help you with that boner if this trick didn’t work for you when you tried it with your straight friend. Don’t you wish life was more like porn? Kris Jamieson and Rick McCoy from Cocksure Men will lead us through this relaxation session so get your cocks ready and enjoy this one, because there’s a whole fucking lot to love about this one video. I mean, have you seen these guys? They’re hot as fuck. And we get to see them rub, tease, play, kiss, jerk off, fuck… you get the idea. Boner ready? Okay, let’s go.

I know I always say that foreplay is a selling point for me when it comes to porn, and for many of you as well, but I really can’t stress how much I fucking love this video and the amount of teasing these two do during the entire scene. Starting with a massage that leads into undressing, then Rick starts playing with his cock and gives him a nice rimjob, then it’s Kris’ time to suck on his mate’s 7-inch dick which leads into a steamy make out session with some nipple play and then we’re due for the main course. Rick bends over the sofa as Kris fucks him deep and slow, as if his cock was massaging the deepest parts of his tight ass, and it’s not long until they’re both shooting their loads together, ain’t that cute?

Smooth bodies, hot jocks (one tanned, one pale), erotic massages, rimming, nipple play… Fuck, I could go on for a while just listing what makes this video so fucking hot. So, do me, and yourself, a favor and just go to CocksureMen.com and watch the entire thing, and if you got some juice left in you might as well check all the great videos they have. Try to get a masturbation marathon going and see if you can beat your old mark.

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