Tag/Concept: Shaved Heads

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  • shaved head (singular)
  • Hair - Shaved
Tops Take Turns On Sumrok's Hungry Hole
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62 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Daddy sluts love rough tops, big dicks and messy loads. This one went for the full package with that black stallion on top. ;)

Marine Keith Jerking It
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Ass Fucking With Double Ended Dildo
5:09, 223K views,
33 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Would you rather breed that skinhead jock or take the tan stud’s load? Choosing both is also an option ;) ?

Skinhead Cristobal Solo
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Rich's Black Gangbang
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35 ratings, 👍 100%

BBBH: Not only is the white boy in pure ecstasy, but just look at how much the hairy dude’s lusting for his turn, perhaps even for harder dick. Fuck yeah! ;)

Matthias Gets Power Fucked And Fists Davide.
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24 ratings, 👍 96%

BBBH: These hunks couldn’t wait getting back to camp before having some raw fun in the woods. Good thing the top brought some toys to prep the slut. ;)

Muscle Shane Jerking It
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Owen Hawk Uses Joshua Chandler's Holes
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BBBH: Showering together with such a sexy stud, that bottom couldn’t help but bend over and present his ass for some heavy duty barebacking. ;)

Jeremy Strips And Jerks It
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Twink Albino Boy Ravaged By Big Studs
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BBBH: Dominant jocks love playing tough and rough, that is, until a hunky daddy makes them their personal bitch. ;)

Gregory Wall Edges And Jerks Off
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BBBH: That bottom’s ass is begging to get fucked, and you bet it’s getting stuffed as soon as that daddy’s done playing with it. ;)

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