Tag/Concept: Jocks

A guy, typically in his 20s, who has an athletic build. Jocks are fit, but less muscular than bodybuilders. Jocks typically play sports.

Broader Concept
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • jock (singular)
  • Jocks. Big Toys
  • Athlete/Jock
'Top' Tommy Hawk Gets Pounded & Bred By Geoff Paine
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Don The Cute Guy Jerks Off
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Dayton, Cy And Jeff Get Raunchy On A Bar
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Willy Wanks It For Cash
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Owen Hawk Uses Joshua Chandler's Holes
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Randy The Bearded Welder
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Chad Works Slut Hole With Huge Toys
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Two Pigs, One Sling
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Owen Hawk Pimps Out Brandon Hawk's Ass To Champ Robinson
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Bernard Going Solo
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