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There’s something wickedly hot about finding out that an incredibly hot top, such as Taylor here, is going to bottom for the first time in front of the camera for all of us to enjoy. I know it isn’t just me who finds the idea behind it so fucking hot and as if it wasn’t enough with just that… we also get to see Taylor bound as he gets fucked. The guys at sure knows what we like, huh? Ransom is the hunky stud who gets to be the one to fuck him until he loves it, and trust me, it doesn’t take long.

Taylor’s every scene before this one always started with him taking the initiative, being aggressive and you can really tell how much he likes putting his bottoms in their place as he splits them in two with his massive cock until he’s pumping them full of cum. Well, things are a little different here as we get a POV bit of Ransom tying Taylor and then shoving a buttplug up his asshole, and all of this while he’s fucking his face! How’s that for a change of roles for this guy? Taylor just keeps his ass high and continues to worship Ransom’s cock like a good bottom in training until our top is hard and ready to fuck him deep and hard, and so he does!

It’s far from over, though. Oh yes, after Ransom’s had his fair share of tight ass it is Taylor’s turn to go back to what he does best and be the dominant top we all love. He wastes no time in ramming his cock up Ransom’s tight fuckhole until he’s cumming with Taylor’s cock still deep in his ass! Once it’s Taylor’s turn to unload he does so all over Ransom’s tight pucker only to use it as lube after he decides to fuck him some more.

What a ride. Could you expect any less from a scene? Head over to their site to check out the whole vid and everything you don’t want to miss from these two horny hunks.

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