Tag/Concept: Young Jocks

A male aged approximately 20 to 24 who is athletic and starting to put on muscle and as a result no longer looks like a boy.

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  • young jock (singular)
Took A Load From A Hot Young Stud
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SpunkBud: Sexy young jocks, hot as fuck!

BBBH: Nothing like getting a good dicking by your handsome roomate, hm?

MalePrime: Is it hot in here or is it just me?

MalePrime: Young sexy bodies

BBBH: That’s one lucky top, wouldn’t you love fucking that sexy smooth bottom raw?

BBBH: That cock must be hitting all the right spots to have him cumming all over himself

MalePrime: With a body like that you can surely forgive that sexy smug face, can’t you?

MalePrime: Young, smooth sexy bodies!

BBBH: Damn, it looks like that bottom’s having the time of his life

MalePrime: In the mood for going to the beach?

BBBH: Fuck now, study later

BBBH: Raw and deep into a hairy hole, so damn hot!

BBBH: It’s not easy being the frat house’s bitch

BBBH: Young smooth jock getting fucked raw

BBBH: He’s earning his place in the frat house one dick at a time

BBBH: It doesn’t get any better than pumping a tight ass full of cum, don’t you think?

BBBH: Breeding tight hairy holes, so damn sexy ;)

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