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Can you imagine having a porn star as a boyfriend? Apparently there’s a bunch of guys in porn that are boyfriends and have long and loving relationships, they all keep it professional and keep their jealousy in check — hell, some even do scenes together and give us a sneak peek into their bedroom. Well… Blake Daniels and Blue Bailey have a different deal going on: more than just porn stars they’re both sluts and are in a happy relationship despite the fact that they both can’t just settle for one cock. Just try to picture how their relationship works, no jealousy since they’re both fucking around just as much. They can even have competitions on who got the most cocks up their asses at the end of the week and the winner gets to decide who gets to bottom once it’s time for them to fuck each other. Makes you think, huh? Hold that thought, now let’s talk about what these two sluts do best: fucking, or getting fucked, you get the idea. Kudos to Lucas Entertainment for getting these two together in a scene!

Jockstraps. Doesn’t that word just make your mouth water? Blake and Blue are one delicious pair of sexy jocks and the amount of making out and grinding and teasing and rubbing and everything these two do will get your cock as hard as diamonds. Seriously, the amount of chemistry these two have is ridiculous. They sixty-nine each other and then, when both cocks are slick and ready it’s Blake the one gets the first raw cock and he takes it like a fucking champ. Then it’s Blue’s turn to get his boyfriend cock inside, riding him like crazy and you can really tell that these self-proclaimed sluts really mean it when they say they love cock. And at the end, to make it all better, they cum into each other’s asses. Lovely couple.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Lucas Entertainment to watch the whole scene and why not stick around and watch the other scene each one of these sluts have with other men? On that topic, would you be okay with having a slutty boyfriend?

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