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Once upon a time, Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo were the couple of the century. Very smart of Fetish Force to capture their romance on film. Come to think of it, their relationship started while they were on location filming The Drifter. I never quite understood what Logan saw in Vinnie, but who am I to question love. Its a blessing for anyone who finds it. The trick is managing and cultivating your relationship once you are in it. If you can't, well, it simply won't last.

Here, Vinnie and Logan are in what is one of the rare shoots where we get a front row seat into their actual sex life. We all know that Logan is a versitle performer. Seeing him top his larger boyfriend kinda weirded me out a little but when they flip fuck its exactly how we imagined they would be like. Give and take, take and give! Sex between men the way it should be... well in my head anyways. Log on to the Raging Stallion site and watch how lovers do it... in public.

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