Tag/Concept: Scruffy

A guy with a short beard or stubble

Sub Types
Usually Involves

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SpunkBud: Damn! Billy Santoro looks like the perfect top! Hairy, masculine with a rock hard cock that’s just the right size!

SpunkBud: Do you have daddy issues? Yeah, me too! Luckily there are hot daddies like Billy Santoro…

SpunkBud: Scruffy looking hunks with beautiful eyes… so dreamy

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SpunkBud: So damn sexy!

SpunkBud: So damn handsome, the things I’d let this hunk to do me…

SpunkBud: He’s so fucking hot, holy shit

SpunkBud: Sexy as fuck

SpunkBud: Acting coy with a cock like that?

SpunkBud: Hot!

BBBH: That hungry cockslut can’t have enough of that black meat injection he’s getting, but aren’t all bottoms just like him? ;)

BBBH: That looks like it hurts so good ;)

BBBH: Jockstraps are so fucking hot! Don’t you love the view from here?

MalePrime: Makes you want to touch those sexy abs huh?

MalePrime: I love his looks, he’s just too hot!

MalePrime: I could stare into those eyes for hours

HotNakedMuscle: What’s better than a sexy muscle hunk with tan lines? Yep, two.

BBBH: That confident smirk, he knows he’s in control.

BBBH: Bottoms – If you can have only one – which is more important in a top – attitude/looks, or dick size?