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YES! Hairy Boyz! THANK YOU RAGING STALLION! Well, its really their M.O. now isn't it? Ever since they brought fur into the light and ran away from the hairless muscle blonds that their rival studio always presented, Stallion reinvented itself by presenting MEN we could all relate to. Seriously... there were NEVER any six foot muscle blonds in my hood! They were muscled up for sure but total guidos or Puerto Ricans!

In this download, you're getting River Fiasco, RJ Danvers (now retired and managing a comic book store in Ft. Lauderdale) and the fucked in the head crazy man Ricky Sinz! We mean that with lots of love. Ricky is a close friend and nobody gets as real as he does. There ain't no bull shit when you're dealing with him. Although this scene is hot, it would have been hotter with that hot furry little fucker from Brooklyn! Check out Ricky's aggression fuck with RJ and River here.

river fiasco riding ricky sinz's cock
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