Tag/Concept: Tan Lines

The things you get when you don't tan in the nude.

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  • tan line (singular)
  • tanlines
  • tanline

SpunkBud: A hard cock, a limber body and tan lines. I love this pic so fucking much!

SpunkBud: A setup for fun

SpunkBud: Do you like them skinny with a big cock?

SpunkBud: Great ass!

SpunkBud: Cute butts

SpunkBud: Showing off

SpunkBud: Tanned bubble butt

SpunkBud: I like where this is going…

SpunkBud: And you thought a trip to the farm would be boring…

SpunkBud: Sexy tan lines

SpunkBud: And you thought that camping trip would be boring…

SpunkBud: Tan lines ;)

SpunkBud: Hot as hell!

BBBH: Nothing quite as pleasing as a tight bubble butt clenching around your dick ;)

HotNakedMuscle: There’s something magical about hot naked men in the woods

OralPig: Ben Brown blows Bruno Knight

HotNakedMuscle: Fucking gorgeous

BBBH: Doesn’t it make you want to try that position?