Neil Stevens ready for a good time with a hot hairy guyNeil Stevens watches hairy Axel Brooks pose
Axel Brooks licks Neil Steven's shoes while he massages his uncut dickAxel Brooks sucking suited Neil Steven's cock
Neil Stevens uses Axel Brooks as a naked human coffee table

Some studios just have a way with telling a story. The men over at Men At Play certainly have the gift. Every scenario centering around men in suites, office fantasies, delivery boy getting fucked by the CEO! They have the market cornered. Then there is the insanely hot men they are able to find. The United Kingdom and surrounding European countries are filled with stunning men!

This piece star Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens. One is a hard, crack-the-whip kinda guy who runs his company with an iron fist. The other is his play thing, servant, foot stool and cock warmer. Some would say this is the worst possible way to live. I say, bring it on! I certainly would not mind having my personal needs met at the end of a long stressful day at the office. Click it then whack it NOW!

Neil Stevens opens bound Axel Brook's hole for fucking
Neil pounds bound Axel's hot ass
Neil Stevens ready for a good time with a hot hairy guyNeil Stevents examines Axels hot ass

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