Alessio with Josh's fat dick in his mouth
Josh spreads open Alessio's furry bubble buttAlessio Romero on his knees sucking Josh West's hard cock
Alession feeds Josh a hot strem of pissFurry muscle cub Josh West drinking piss

When the guys over at Fetish Force got Alessio Romero and Josh West together, we wonder if they knew exactly what they were planning or was it just dumb luck. I mean, come on! How dare you put two of the hottest men on the scene in a scene together?! Did you wanna give us all a coronary? REALLY?! What the hell man?! No, no.. we thank you from the bottom of our holes.

The way it works here is its all about water sports! Josh West pulls out his MASSIVE hard cock and gets it ready for Mr. Alessio. Josh eventually has to take a vicious piss and serves it up to our willing piss pig Romero who laps up every drop. After all the streams have been let out, Alessio goes back to sucking Josh's meat. If you missed Alessio and Josh's recent appearance in NY at the SCRUFF party, log on here for some action.

Inked stud Alessio Romero drinking piss from Josh West's fat dickIkned stud Alessio Romero drinking piss
Alessio shows off ghis hairy fuck hole

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