Brenn taunts the defenceless Cole Brooks
Shirtless Cole Brooks and Brenn Wyson
Brenn forces Cole donw on his fat dick

Yeah, we all know you're a faggot who likes to be abused by real men - men that are better than you - your superiors. Then again, who isn't your superior? Coming to that realization sometimes takes time an experience. Like in this scene from where top man Brenn Wyson teaches Cole Brooks about his proper place in the world - as a worthless faggot who exists to serve real men (tops).

Cole Brooks takes his lessons well and submits willingly to his top - like good subs should do. It's not always easy to take what the top dishes out, but he gives it a good shot. Brenn ties him up (tight), degrades him (the truth isn't always easy to hear), he flogs him, forces him to suck Brenn's cock - even chokes him.

When you need to see porn that's all about power and control - sadism & submission, head over to Bound Gods to see it done right - the tops there are anything but gentle - though there are periods where the boys get rewarded with tender downtime... Can't be abusive ALL the time...

Brenn Wyson teasing tied up Cole Brooks
Young Cole Brooks gagged and tied down to a chair being flogged
Brenn chokes young Cole

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