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Smiling Young Hunk Enjoys The Sun @ Manifest Men

March 01, 2011

Muscle stud Frank Defeo smilesFrank Defeo ripped muscle jock
Frank Defeo oiled up nakedFrank Defeo tanning his abs and cock

How the hell does Manifest Men or other photogs, producers, etc., find guys like this?! Where do they live, work and play... we wanna know because I'm sure I can convince everyone that moving the office there would be far better than freezing our butts off here. Sun kissed skin, big muscles, fat cocks and bright smiles... everything to warm us and our butt holes up!

Take Frank Defeo here. A strapping young lad enjoying the Sun while being photographed. Its curious though. How do men who are supposedly straight feel completely comfortable enough to take it all off for the world to see? Maybe its their aspirations of becoming discovered? Maybe, but what ever it is, we're happy with Frankie. Get more of Mr. Defeo here and maybe shoot one off in honor of those massive thighs!

Muscular Frank Defao shows off his huge quadsFrank Defeo shows his muscled ass and back

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Beefy Bodybuilder Poses @CocksureMen

February 17, 2011

Ripped stud takes his shirt offBuilt guy shows his smooth chest and abs
Muscular hunk shows off his body and packageRipped stud lets his pants fall andshows his underwear

Sometimes its just plain boring to watch guys solo. It makes us wonder if Cocksure Men or other studios for that matter think that the guys they choose for this kinda sorta one-on-ones know that there are horn balls like us checking them out. The guys sometimes if not always 'appear' to be straight and act all awkward when it comes time to show the goods or they need pussy porn to get it up. Either way it can be a big yawn.

This solo presents the beefy Jordan King. He is pretty hot, no doubt. But, Jordan is one of those competitive bodybuilder wanna-bees who is completely hairless and shaved to with in an inch of his arched eye-brows. We get the whole no hair on the bodybuilder stage, but when it comes to "men" on the smut screen... we wanna see MEN! Its not all that bad really, but you be the judge..

Very built stud shows off his hot body and dickHot smooth hunk shows his hard cock
Body builder jacks off his hard dickMuscular guy shows his body off

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Clean Cut Boy Has A Dirty Side @

August 28, 2010

Straight boy face shot, looking into camera.
Young dude face shot, looking into camera.Hot straight boy pissing on himself.
Hot young dude pissing on himself.
Twink in wet briefs.

Fuck Bryce Corbin from is a really hot twink, and totally not the type of boy I'd expect to be into watersports if I saw him walking down the street, which makes him pissing himself 100 times hotter. He has a super cute face, a smoking hot happy trail on his tight twink frame, not to mention the right sized cock for a piss bottom :-D. The scene is pretty hot, I love watching him soak his cute t-shirt before he gets to work on his dick. He knows how hot he looks squirting his golden stream onto his tight young body, and has no qualms about  showing it off.

The look of Fruit of the Loom's nice and wet, really gets me going, such a good boy playing bad in the undies his mommy bought him kinda thing. He works his cock pretty well, and I'd love to be there with him, catching all that wasted boy juice :-D. Bryce looks really satisfied with himself when he shoots his hot load, and I LOVE that he cleans himself off with another piss stream, so fucking sexy! I bet he's used to being covered in other boys streams, that hot warm feeling all over your body (and hopefully in your mouth ) is addictive .

If boys like Bryce get you going has way more lined up for you, all putting their piss to good use :-D.

Hot shirtless straight boy looking at camera.
Young dude in wet briefs grabbing his dick.
Close-up of pissing twink dick.
Straight boy pissing on himself.Straight boy jacking off.

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Italian Stud With A Little Dick @ Manifest Men

April 04, 2010

Mike Buffalari gives a peak at his ripped absHot scruffy bodybuilder Mike Buffalari
Ripped muscle jock Mike Buffalari in his hunderwearRipped Mike feels his cock in his underwear
Mike Buffalari shows off his sculpted abs and hard cockRipped body builder Mike Buffalari shows off his chest and hard cock

Sometimes you just gotta work with what you're given. That's pretty much the case with Mike Buffalari from While Italians are known for being pretty hung (at least being thick), Mike got the short end of the stick when the dicks were given out. But who cares? He's more than made up for it by having an absolutely incredible body. And his dick, while not big gets rock hard. I bet he could make a bottom feel completely fucked if he was in the mood to be a top.

But with the incredible ass he shows off in the pics below I'm wondering whether he doesn't bottom most of the time. I mean when bends over you just want to stuff your face between those muscular cheeks and rim him until he's dripping with spit. Then you'd stand up and let your cock enjoy that sweet muscular ass.

So what do you think of guys with little dicks? Do you like getting fucked by them or do you just want big dick guys fucking you?

For more of the hottest bodybuilders head over to and check out their guys - they've got some of the best muscle on the 'net.

Mike flexes his chest and hard cockMike flexes his smooth ass cheeks
Mike shows off his smooth tanned assMike shows off his smooth tanned ass

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Ashley Ryder Is Pretty Much A Perfect Bottom Boy - UKNM

April 04, 2010

Ashley Ryder's smooth round muscle assAShley Ryder shows his smooth boy butt
Young AShley shows off his smooth bubble buttHot young Ashley Ryder with a hard cock
Ripped msucle boy Ashley's hard dickAshley fucks his young hole with a big toy

Can we make a law that all cute twinks need to be just like Ashley Ryder (sexually)? I mean he's pretty much perfect in my book. The only flaw I've seen is that I haven't seen him take raw dick (just my personal preference). He's strutting his stuff in this solo video from UK Naked Men - showing how awesome of a bottom he is and how talented his ass is at taking big objects - in this case an enormous dark blue dildo.

Not only does he have an incredible ass, but he's been working out a lot and it shows - he's turning into a hot muscle bottom and it really suits him. Yeah, he's got a bit of a little dick, but he's a bottom, so who cares?

I know I want to fuck Ashley and I bet every other top out there does too. Unless you're one of the lucky ones who actually gets to fuck him, you'll just need to watch the videos of him over at

Ashley's smooth hole stretched by a huge toyAshley fucks himself with a huge toy

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