Shirtless rugby jock Foster
Hot young dark haired FosterFoster shows off his ink and beefy body
Foster shows off his thick cock

To start this great weekend we are going to show you another handsome jock, brought to you by, a bit out of the usual for them, but still absolutely hot.

Foster is a gorgeous stud, with beautiful eyes and a sexy smile, thick eyebrows, very masculine, but what makes him unique is his hard, beefy body, a rugby complexion. His ass is very hairy, I would lose myself in there, tonguing him for hours. His shaved torso shows us hard muscles under a little bit of padding. His fucking cock is big, a beast standing proud and erect, ready to plow some jock's hole, big biceps and a bit of ink make this one a very hot one. Perfect jerk off material, and an inspiration for getting one like that. You don't have to have a perfect, ripped body to be hot, after all!

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Foster strokes his cock while playing with his hairy ass
Foster shows off his beefy hairy ass
Foster strokes his thick cock on the couch

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