Bruised after a fight, Vin Marco poses with his buddy Gabe MarcoGabe Marco holding his fight buddy Vin Marco
Tattooed bodybuilders in underwear trade punchesTough tattooed muscle guys pose for the camera

Does anyone else get a hardon when watch the fights on Ultimate Fighter? I get totally boned when I see some tough guy reduced to tears 'cause they tend to look like they're so down and depressed you could tell the to bend over and get fucked and they'd do it. Well, if that resonates with you, then you'll like this scene from

I mean there's something incredibly sexy about a man who's bruised and bleeding - at least when they got that way through something consentual like fighting or sex. In this scene Vince Marco (aka Vin, Vinny) and Gabe Marco pose after beating each other to a pulp. Their faces are a bloody and bruised mess and they're proud of it - even hug each other, and Gabe shows off his ass - wanting to get fucked by the obviously superior Vinny.

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Gabe Marco and Vin Marco sporting black eyesTough as nails Vin Marco in his underwear with his buddy Gabe Marco in the background, naked, showing his ass

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