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Imagine you're a sleazy guy pushing 40 and you're trolling the public bathrooms looking for young ass to fuck...  In walks a hot guy probably ten years younger than you, he sees you stroking your meat, after you swap blowjobs he bends over and takes your dick - no questions asked... Well, that's pretty much the "plot" with this video from Bulldog Pit.

The sleazy older top is Chris Tee - he looks the part too... Tattooed, skinny, pale, almost a bit unhealthy looking - but typical of sleazy guys he's got a nice sized cock on him.

The younger dark-skinned bottom is MJ, but he's well on his way to being a sleazy bottom that trolls for public sex with whoever will fuck him... You know the type - you worry what you'll catch when you fuck them, but it's just all so hot you don't care... You need to get your dick inside them, you need to blow your load - and they're more than happy to oblige and be your bottom for that brief moment.

To say the least this has nothing to do with love or romance. It's about raunchy, slutty, hormone driven sex. If anonymous sex with skinny raunchy fuckers sounds hot to you - try out - I think you'll like it ;)

Skinny guy with a huge cock flipping you off
Two skinny guys in hoodies about to fuck

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