Steve bites the handle of Lance's flogger
Lance Gear floggs jocked Steve ParkerLance teases jockstraped Steve
Lance Gear floggs Steve Parker

Now this is what I'm talking about! hot MEN playing big boy games! And, now that Mr. Tony Buff is heading up Raging Stallion's Fetish Force line of kinky skin flicks, I KNOOOOW we are about to get an eye full of muscle bound fuckers clad in leather of all types and living their hanky color! My favorite hankies are Yellow, Blue and White. Pretty vanilla but once I'm in the grove I've been know to explore... except RED! NEVER RED! Ok, enough about me...

This vintage piece features Steve Parker, Lance Gear and Brendan Austen. Where the fuck are these guys anyways. These guys put the STAR in porn star! Man sex at its finest. So, the way it goes is like this. Lance Gear plays the Drill Sargent from hell while putting Brendan and Steve through maneuvers they never thought they'd be going through. From flogging and major BDSM play, the kinky action is legend! Fly your fetish flag here!

hairry Daddy Steve Parker fucking muscle boy Branden AustenSteve gets a crack at Brenden Austen's hot assBrenden watched Steve fuck Lance
daddy nails bald fucker

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