Nate in football bads tied up
Hairy daddy Nate Karlton in jockstrap and football padsBound and blindfolded in football gear
Bearded Spencer Reed plays with Nate's jocked ass

I LOVE rimming. There's absolutely nothing that gets me harder faster - especially when it's a hot ass with a squeaky clean hole. And when the guy is all muscley - WOOF! It simply doesn't get much better than that in my book.

So needless to say, I like this scene from Bound Jocks. I love how Spencer Reed buries his face in Nate Karlton's ass. I mean primo fuck holes like Karlton's are a thing of beauty and should be savored like a fine wine (and then fucked and seeded). The only thing that makes the experience even hotter is when you get down there to eat out the bottom's ass and you taste the cum from the guys who just fucked him. Combine that with the bottom being bound... Let's just say thinking about the scenario has me rock hard right now...

Now, the one bummer is that they use condoms and so it's not like Spencer is going to be tasting cum, but hey, it's still really hot... Who wouldn't want to have sex with one of these guys - whether your a bottom and can imagine Spencer spreading your ass and eating it out, or whether your a top and you want Nate bound on your bed with his ass ready to be rimmed and fucked...

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Spencer dives in tongue into Nate's hot ass
Beefy Spencer and Nate in football gearNate strubbles to get free while Spencer strokes his cock
Spencer strokes Nates cock while he is blindfolded

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