Max holds a gun to s;eeping Clint's head Ripped Max forces Clint to lay still
Clint gagged with his underwear by MaxInked Clint Harrlord bound and gagged
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Max Morcom gives Clint a nice hard forced fuck at This scene is really fucking hot, I love watching the hooded Max, in all his masculine and ripped glory take full advantage of Clint, a cute little twinky bottom boy. Clint must have been shocked when he found muscle stud Max holding him up at gun point, but I bet his hole was twitching hoping it wasn't going to just be a routine robbery, and the forced intruder thankfully had plans to his liking. I love watching the tape bound and gagged Clint helpless, while Max gets to have fun (Well, you know Clint has to be LOVING it!)

Max sure knows how to face fuck, and Clint looks like he's enjoying every second of it. When Max gets to pounding, you know he's a serious fucking top, just plowing the hell out of his bottom for his own pleasure, totally fucking hot. Clint looks so fucking hot when he's tied up in rope, I wish Max would have called me to make it a two man break it ( I can dream right? ).

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Clint Harrlord tied to the bed getting his ass eatenMax Morcorm balls deep in Clint's tight young ass
Hot young bottom getting his ass plowed on the bed

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