Sebastian Fischer shpows off his inkBrian shows Sebastian his back ink
Brian Banks checks out the ink of Sebastian's smooth ass
Brian Banks getting his cock sucked

I'm not quite sure what I think of this scene from Cocksure Men. Usually they feature jocks - either athletic, or muscled, or pretty, or a combination of those things. The guys in this scene are sorta working against type for them. Tattooed punks are something you see on their site very often.

I'm also not quite sure what I think of the bottom - Sebastian Fischer. I mean a leopard tattoo? And a picture of a woman as a tattoo? That's a little "taste specific" (to put it nicely). I mean it's hot that guys like him will take dick, but he doesn't really turn me on. Then again if he were on all fours and I was horny, I'd fuck him...

The top on the other hand... He's also got a lot of ink on him, but I find him a lot hotter than Sebastian. His name is Brian Banks, and the "plot" of the scene is that he's straight and waiting for his girlfriend to get ready. (Sebastian is supposed to be the girlfriend's brother). Now, I could totally believe that Brian is straight (or at least the straight side of bi). After all the Cocksure guys also run Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes - so they've got plenty of straight guys around and like to pair the more bisexual ones up with other guys... Anyway, I love Brian's build - it's muscular but lean. And his ass... Damn, that's a fine ass! I wish he were the one getting fucked ;)

Check out if you want to see more hot straight and bisexual guys. These guys may not be typical, but they've got a lot of hot guys on their site.

Sebastian strokes Brian's thick cock
Brian balls deep in Sebastian's ass
Brian fucks Sebastian's tatted ass

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