Four hunks grip cocks, and pose before fucking. Martin Eaten pours candle wax on Victor, who holds his fat cock.
Hunk screams as hot wax melts on his chest. Jock fucks twink on metel swings.
Victor holds his thick dick and watches candlewax burn his chest. Twink pours purple wax on hunks chest.
Hunky jock pulls cock as wax melts on his chest. Martin Eaten, Victor and Bogi Folat pose with cocks out as Georges Key prepares to suck them off.

Once again is featuring some hot twinky jocks experimenting with some light kink. In the past they've had scenes with handcuffs, vacuum pumping dicks (and ball stretchers), pierced dicks, a string of pearls (and anal douching), a dungeon, and light bondage, but it's usually not very hardcore - just experimentation (though the scenes with pierced dicks obviously required someone to be pretty hardcore).

In this scene the guys are experimenting with hot wax. You've got blond jock bottom Victor who feels the exquisite pain as Martin Eaten (the brunette) dripps burning hot wax on his nipple, chest and torso. Seeing the hot wax on his muscular pecs is really pretty hot. The look of pain on his face says it all. With guys that young I'm guessing they didn't know a lot about hot wax... Different colors melt at different temperatures, but you can also control the temperature by pouring the wax from different heights since it cools as it goes through the air. They were pouring it from jus a few inches above his skin which makes me think it was pretty painful for him...

The scene doesn't really focus on the hot wax... In fact it doesn't come in until 3/4 of the way through. Martin Eaten pairs up with Victor, and Georges Key (the other blond guy) with Bogi Folat (the adorable twink with thick eyebrows). There's a lot of oral and then Bogi starts to fuck Georges in the sling. That's when Martin and Victor come over. Victor sorta lays in the sling with George, and Bogi pours hot wax on him.

It's sorta funny really - Bogi never really stops fucking Georges, but Victor is laying on top of him while he's getting fucked. It's like Georges was just a doormat with a hole...

Then a 5th guy joins them - I'm pretty sure it's Marcus Diessel - he immediately lays in the sling and Victor fucks him, and then Marin fucks him. As he was getting fucked his hole was leaking what looks like cum, but it probably was just lube... Still, pretty hot...

If you're into hot twinks and jocks, try - you'll like it!

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