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It's not often that you see 18 year olds that are as ripped and muscular as Gennaro from, but even though he looks a bit older, he really is 18... Hot, eh? He's gotta have some pretty incredible genetics and have worked out like crazy for YEARS to have a body like that...

Gennaro swears he's straight, but as the shoot went on the guy who was videotaping him said he started setting off his gaydar... I wonder how long it is before this "straight" boy puts his ass in the air and lets another dude fuck him. I know I'd LOVE to see him get fucked. Chances are though that he'll start as a top and then "experiment" a bit with taking dick.

If you want some of the hottest jocks out there, head over to - I'm always completely amazed at how they manage to get hot guy after hot guy...

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