zeb shares his bicep with jake.zeb shows off his biceps.
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Zeb Atlas is one of those big muscle types thats just plain awesome! We are always happy when Jake Cruise can come up with guys like Zeb. His charm and good nature is always infectious and you just have to smile when you lay eyes on him. You will find yourself laughing when he is laughing and you will find yourself hard as a rock and dripping precum when he takes his clothes off and you get a gander of that fat juicy cock!

In this hot muscle-worship servicing scene, Alex gets in on just about every square inch of Zeb’s Olympian body. From his thick meaty pecs to his well manicured feet to gripping that bubble butt and cock. We would be all smiles the whole time too if we were in his shoes. Zeb's body is bigger and better than ever and we approve of all the work he's done in the gym. Spill some of you fluids here along with us!

zeb posses for the camera while jake sucks on his gigantic tool.zeb face fucks jake with his monster dick.
jake services zeb's big fat cock.

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