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Not being able to handle your booze can be a serious issue if you’re at FraternityX. Being surrounded by horny college jocks who will try to gangbang anyone too drunk to even tell who’s fucking him. One drink too many and maybe you’ll be waking up sore and covered in cum, or maybe that doesn’t sound that bad… in any case, this scene is fucking hot.

We start with the guys playing cards and getting drunk, and everyone is having fun waiting for some freshman to get drunk enough to agree to be the house’s bitch for the night. Well, this time it seems it was a senior’s time to get wasted to the point everybody were pulling their dicks off for him to suck, and once he obediently blows everyone in the room these guys know they’ve found tonight’s bitch. What follows is just him getting used by everyone. They fuck him over and over, make him ride their cocks and hold his legs open while he gets pounded again and again until everyone’s completely satisfied. Just another day at the fraternity.

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