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Vin Marco with a big bulge in his underwearVin Marco looking at himself in the mirror

The professionals at Manifest Men specialize in one thing- Body Builders of Indeterminate Sexuality, showing off both natural and enhanced muscle, including that big one, down in front!

Vin Marco is acting out a classic scene from Narcissus and Echo. Here, the almost hairless, thus defenseless, little muscle-head wanders into a room full of mirrors, where he becomes paralyzed. The shock of seeing such a succulent and stunning man-beast as the one before him, is so overwhelming that he must tear away his restricting underthings to allow for full and healthy circulation. No, there is no escape and no rescue. He will grow old and die there, but that doesn't mean you can't buy him a drink, or put a buck in his g-string.

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Vin Marco posing in front of a mirror with a hard cockNaked bodybuilder showing off in front of a mirror
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