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Though bears aren't normally my thing, it's good to see that studios like Pantheon Bear are filming scenes like this one, with hot, beefy fucker Butch Grand and big, papa bear Rik Kappus. I know quite a few people personally that are going to cream their pants and start oozing bear honey when they see this one.

They're actually pretty hot to watch - not the typical Country Bear Jamboree type as they're more the hairy, masculine, butch types. But then again, I do have a thing for Butch Grand. He's a hot hunk whose legs I'd gladly throw over my shoulders and eat out before mounting and fucking balls deep. As for Kappus, I'd bang him, too. Come to think of it, it could be kind of fun to be the meat in this bear sandwich!

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Butch Grand on his belly getting fucked by a daddy bear
Hairy bear fucking Butch Grand
Rik Kappus legs in the air with Butch Grand about to fuck him

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