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Cocksure Men has always been one of my favorite sites. It has some of the hottest actors out there and the scenes they have on their site are fantastic. You can tell how much fun the actors are having and, at least for me, chemistry between the actors in a scene is very fucking important, and this scene is all I expect and more from

When a video starts and you see the actors are already all over each other with big fat smiles on their faces you know you’re in for a treat. We have two young hot jocks, Jake Andrews and Shane Wright, undressing each other playfully like a pair of teenagers high on hormones. What follows is one of the best cock sucking I’ve seen in a long time. Jake merrily takes Shane’s cock out of his colored underwear and keeps it warm and wet in his mouth, worshipping every single inch of it and making sure his lover’s balls get some tender loving as well! Things heat up and now it’s Shane the one hungry for some cock as he returns the favor in kind, getting Jake’s thick cock wet and ready for some bareback action. Jake gets on top of Shane and thrusts deeply into him, slowly at first and gaining momentum with each pump until Shane’s shooting his hot load all over Jake’s face. Not satisfied yet, Jake fucks him harder until he’s moaning like a slut until he cums all over his lover’s ass!

Definitely one of the best scenes I’ve watched, but again, I expected no less from this site. Remember to watch the whole scene at and more of all their videos!

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