Riley Ross & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Atlanta Chapter 2 @

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Date Released:  2020-06-17
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Spencer is in heaven as Riley's hands caress his body. The scruffy, jock top loves Spencer's milky, smooth skin; running his fingers over his chest and stomach as they kiss and connect. Riley's cock swells up as it rubs against Spencer, making the blonde bottom hungry to feel it in his mouth!

Riley leans back and watches as Spencer swallows his cock; worshiping his veiny, throbbing shaft as he looks up at him over his washboard abs. Riley grabs a tuft of Spencer's soft hair, pushing him down further to give him a throat full of his manhood. His gullet closes down on Riley tightly, making him all the more eager to feel his tight hole wrapped around Riley's cock.

After a quick warm up with his tongue, Riley mounts Spencer's round, smooth bubble butt as he slides his bare cock deep into his backside, sending Riley's eyes to the back of his head while his shaft drills deeper into Spencer's body.

And with each passionate thrust, Riley edges closer to orgasm, eager to see his thick load drip out of Spencer's tight, pink hole...

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