Tag/Concept: Cum Shots

The moment in porn when you see a man ejaculate. AKA "the money shot".

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Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • cum shot (singular)
  • cumshot
Snake Stone's Rubber And Jack Off Scene
4:06, 33K views,
13 ratings, 👍 73%

SpunkBud: Wet, sweet dreams

Married Lonnie Loves Cock
5:00, 11K views,
The Sex Starved Pigs Blow Their Loads All Over Each Other
5:10, 50K views,
18 ratings, 👍 61%

SpunkBud: What a sexy mess

Lars Gets Two Big Stud's Big Loads
5:10, 47K views,
22 ratings, 👍 57%

SpunkBud: Made your mouth water?

Tyler Griffin Solo Debut
5:45, 9K views,
Tristan's Xmass Bukkake
4:00, 25K views,
12 ratings, 👍 54%

SpunkBud: Tasty as fuck!

Andre Otam Does A Solo Scene
5:00, 6K views,
1 ratings, 👍 50%
Blowing In The Men's Room
2:00, 29K views,
13 ratings, 👍 54%

SpunkBud: Yum!

Muscle Bear Ira Jerks Off
5:00, 5K views,
Almost Straight Men Get Sucked By Guy
6:00, 41K views,
13 ratings, 👍 54%

SpunkBud: Great shot!

Taking Six Young Latinos Dicks
5:00, 7K views,
1 ratings, 👍 50%

SpunkBud: Any volunteers for clean-up?

SpunkBud: TOO HOT

SpunkBud: Hot as fuck!

SpunkBud: So fucking hot! Awesome pic!

SpunkBud: Holy fuck… so damn hot!

SpunkBud: Isn’t it great falling asleep with your partner after some sexy fun? 

SpunkBud: Incredibly hot pic

SpunkBud: Yum

SpunkBud: So fucking hot!

SpunkBud: Jizzing all over his hairy abs…hot!

BBBH: That hole won’t be the same after milking all that big black dick dry. Definitely well worth it for both though. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - Heard you wanted more of those hung black cocks. Here you go, now, open big and wide for daddy. ;)