Tag/Concept: Verbal Sex

"Talking dirty" during sex.

Broader Concept
Worshiping Leathered Up Muscle body
5:10, 22K views,
16 ratings, 👍 75%

BBBH: Leave it to hung, ebony stud Champ Robinson to make a bottom cry out in ecstasy, one thrust at a time. Fuck yeah! ;)

Robbie Taylor On His Knees For James
5:10, 26K views,
14 ratings, 👍 68%

BBBH: Rough is the best only way to fuck a bottom! Just look at that jock! Bursting at the seams with pleasure! Fucking hot!

Danny Watches Gay Porn
5:10, 10K views,
6 ratings, 👍 17%
Luke Breeds Hot Bottom Demetrius
5:10, 44K views,
13 ratings, 👍 65%

BBBH: Not even a hung thug like that can take a big black cock without flinching. Bet he’s loving every throbbing inch of dick though. ;)

Playing Rough With Davide And Igor
5:10, 12K views,
3 ratings, 👍 67%
Jayson Sneaks Off To Members Only Sex Room
5:10, 39K views,
18 ratings, 👍 64%

BBBH: Bottoms - How hung do you like your tops? Like it regular or prefer those thick, large monster cocks up your ass?

Massage Then Bare Sex
6:00, 19K views,
4 ratings, 👍 25%
5:10, 32K views,
13 ratings, 👍 62%

BBBH: Ebony bottoms like it hard and like it deep, used to all the black monster cock they get daily. ;)

Sahaj Gets His Hole Spread
5:10, 13K views,
4 ratings, 👍 25%
The Sex Starved Pigs Blow Their Loads All Over Each Other
5:10, 55K views,
18 ratings, 👍 61%
Two Leathered Up Studs Abuse Stephan's Hle
5:10, 26K views,
10 ratings, 👍 60%