Tag/Concept: Smooth Men

An older guy with no body hair (naturally or shaved).

Broader Concepts
Sub Types
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • smooth man (singular)

SpunkBud: Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

SpunkBud: Imagine bumping into him in your gym’s locker room?

SpunkBud: Beautiful butt

SpunkBud: Showing off the good stuff

SpunkBud: I like the view from up here, what about you?

SpunkBud: Military hunks with huge dicks? Just give the order, SIR!

SpunkBud: The man of my dreams. Like what you see?

SpunkBud: Up for a quickie by the pool?

SpunkBud: Ever fucked in a tub? Today’s your lucky day

SpunkBud: Want a taste? Might leave you wanting more…

SpunkBud: On your knees, fun’s about to begin!

SpunkBud: Like what you see?

SpunkBud: I want that fat cock inside me!

SpunkBud: Damn hot!

SpunkBud: Meaty, uncircumcised, big black dick!

SpunkBud: Fucking gorgeous

SpunkBud: So damn cute, loving that soft uncut dick

SpunkBud: He’s so fucking sexy!