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Date Released:  2009-08-16
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Meet Damen Rockford - one HUGE mofo - and there is no better way to introduce you to a guy's enormous cock than to put him in a pair of tighty-whities and have him pour warm water on it and watching the skin slowly become visible. Why has no one made a pair of swim trunks that allow us to see the same as a wet white pair of underwear?

Damen starts off stretching and flexing for you, getting his shorts nice and low. His shorts are thin and worn through in places, so as he begins to rub his cock, blood immediately surges to it, plumping nicely under the material.

Then Damen teases you with his cock, guiding the head toward one of the worn spots, and down the leg allowing the head to poke out.

Removing the shorts, he pours water over his underwear and then plays with his hard on, stretching it against the material, allowing you to see what is yet to come when he goes full frontal on

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