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Date Released:  2009-08-18
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Here we go again with another Ginger Boy wanting to show everyone his junk. If I were to take a guess, I would have to say that red-heads definitely like to show off the most. Gabe originally sent us some pictures saying that he wanted to do a shoot with Southern Strokes. After a few months of texting back and forth, we were finally able to get Gabe up to the Lake House for some fun.

During our months of texting, Gabe made it clear that he was gay and loved to bottom. He is a 21 year old college math major from University of Georgia. When you get a look at his Prince Albert piercing, you can tell that this country boy definitely has a wild streak him. Gabe was openly admitted that his loves to get fucked hard. In fact, the rougher the better as far as this Ginger Boy is concerned.

I can tell you that our texting back and forth had become a little nasty which made me really anxious to meet this horny boy. When we first received Gabe's pictures he had long hair which I wasn't so sure about. I was happy to see Gabe get out of the car with his hot little ass looking amazing in his tight shorts. Not only did Gable cut his hair but he also had grown a little patch of bright red hair on his chin.

Gabe was ready before he stepped foot into the front door of the Lake House. He couldn't wait to start talking about how we were going to set it up. We have a hammock out on one of the decks so we decided that we would let Gabe pump one out on it. Gabe was massaging his cock through his shorts before we even started to film. Gabe said that he had a surprise for us so we couldn't wait to see what he had planned. When Gabe turned over and started to finger his ass, it became real clear what he was talking about. With a little work, Gable managed to get 4 fingers to disappear into his hole. At one point, we thought he just might be able to get his fist in there.

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