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Date Released:  2020-09-09
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Connor's big cock is a challenge for most who encounter it. Never having done porn before, the cute, twink top is excited to show off his giant shaft and to see his newcomer buddy, Baily, take it all. Baily is no stranger to a hot fuck, but Connor's meat is bigger than he's ever taken before!

Connor leans back and watches Baily polish his knob, sucking and swallowing each inch as he takes more of it down his throat with each bob of his head. But before the brunette bottom can reach the base, Connor is moved by his desire to fuck! The ginger top rims Baily's ass, getting him warmed up and relaxed before pressing the tip to his hole...

As soon as Connor breaks through Bailey's sphincter, he can feel the bottom's muscles tighten up around him, working his shaft as smoothly as his mouth! This time, however, Baily is able to take even more than his throat can handle, swallowing him down until he reaches the base of his manhood. Connor is so turned on by Baily's skill that he starts thrusting his hips forward, hitting up against his prostate and making him moan for more!

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