STORY: Daddy's Little BoyTAPE #11: Sauna Play @

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Date Released:  2020-09-02
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Austin's hand reached over to Mr. Armstrong's lap, sneaking under his towel to feel his heavy, sweaty balls. They seemed to hang lower than usual, which made Austin's face smile with delight. He loved thinking of his dad's big nuts, full of his seed just waiting to be set free!

Austin's daddy loved how free his boy felt to tug at his cock. He brought his hand over to Austin, feeling his smooth, slick skin. As he travelled further down his body, he could feel Austin's excitement as well, compelling him to break his relaxation and give Austin what he needed.

Mr. Armstrong removed his towel, letting his big dick hang heavily between his legs. Austin swallowed it down to the back of his throat in a smooth, steady motion, feeling the muscles of his throat relax from the intense heat. Mr. Armstrong let out a moan into the air, feeling the wood absorb the sounds of his pleasure. He was in heaven, relaxed and warm with his boy worshipping his manhood between his legs...

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