STORY: Coming of AgeTAPE #1: Father Son Checkup @

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Date Released:  2020-07-22
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Dr. Wolf could see the beefy daddy was sporting a massive erection as his boy was being looked over. He knew that the older man was fixated on his son's sex life, curious how he would take cocks anally. Dr. Wolf was happy to appease him, curious to play around with the ultrasound a bit more.

Setting Marcus up in the stirrups, he lubed up the device to show his daddy just how much space he had inside his anal cavity, proving to him that he would have no trouble taking a toy or even a very large cock!

On the screen, Angus could see the doctor's work play out. Even as he slid a finger inside, he could see it stroking his prostate on the monitor, making the boy harder with each gesture...

Angus watched as his boy spread his legs open, getting probed by the handsome doctor. His own cock was achingly hard, imaging his son getting fucked deep and hard. He couldn't deny that he found him strikingly handsome in this light. He couldn't help but be curious what it would be like to be the one to penetrate him!

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