STORY: Breeding My Boys Little HoleTAPE #6: Watching My Buddy Plow My Boy (Son Swap) @

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Date Released:  2020-06-10
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When Mr. Landon read what he was expected to do, it gave him a little pause. As much as he wanted, he knew he couldn't keep him to himself. The instructions were clear that part of their journey meant opening his boy up to another daddy by giving him the opportunity to experience love and affection from others.

Trying poorly to hide his nerves, Mr. Landon prepared his boy, hugging and kissing him before setting him on the bed. As soon as Ian was ready, Mr. Armstrong called in his buddy from the next room and took his seat across the room.

Ian reached for Mr. Armstrong's member, pulling it out so he could stroke it. Mr. Landon moved slightly in his chair, uneasy about seeing his boy with another man's cock in his hand. But as he looked to Ian, he saw his mouth water and his eyes light up.

His horny boy wanted to be fucked badly. Mr. Landon felt his cock rise, turned on by seeing Ian so aroused. He wanted to fuck him right then and there, but knew this was good for his boy to experience...

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