STORY: Danny & Dr. WolfCHAPTER 1: Dr. Wolf's Office @

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Date Released:  2020-06-17
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When it came time for Dr. Wolf to perform the notorious hernia check and testicular exam, Danny did all he could to resist moaning with each manipulation of his genitals. It felt so good to have his member in the hands of the handsome giant. So good that he started to get hard...

It was clear that Danny wasn't in for a normal exam, considering that he'd only waited a couple weeks since his last visit.

And every time Dr. Wolf touched him, Danny opened up more of himself to the tall daddy, practically begging for more through his breathing and posture. Dr. Wolf loved how little guys looked on his cock, so he was happy to share it with his handsome new patient!

Danny's eyes went wide as Dr. Wolf pulled out his massive member, seeing just how proportional the giant cock was to the man it was attached to! Not only was he the tallest man he'd stood next to, but he'd never in his life encountered a dick as big. Dr. Wolf pointed it up toward the sweet young man, watching as he knelt down to begin sucking it.

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