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Date Released:  2022-01-21
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We find Lucca Mazzi and Trent Marx ready to get the party started on the sofa with Lucca's rock-hard dick popped out of his blue briefs.

Trent makes his way down to Lucca's cock and gets right to work. Eager to show off his deep-throating skills, Lucca helps Trent take it all by grabbing the back of Trent's head and pushing it all the way down his shaft. Trent loves it and happily takes more throat-pounding punishment as he helps himself to the entirety of Lucca's fat dick.

Trent pauses to give some attention to Lucca's balls before returning to lick, suck, and tease Lucca's cock, focusing on the head and then making his way back down, balls-deep.

Trent gets on all-fours on the sofa and Lucca gets to work lubing up Trent's hole for what's to come next. Lucca pulls Trent's cheeks apart and eats Trent's ass like he's been starving for days. Lucca spits in his hand and uses his natural lubricant to play with Trent's dick as he continues to tongue Trent's hole.

Lucca stands up and slides his fat cock into Trent's hungry hole with surprising ease. Lucca goes slow at first, then gradually increases his speed until he's slamming Trent's ass balls-deep. Lucca wraps one arm around Trent's chest and pulls Trent back for a kiss as he continues to plunge into Trent's hole.

The two stand and share a few kisses before Trent lays on his back on the sofa and Lucca slides back in. With Trent's legs and feet up in the air, Lucca goes to town pounding Trent's hole into submission, firmly wrapping a hand around Trent's neck as Trent digs his fingers into Lucca's shoulder.

Lucca sits back on the sofa as Trent goes to work riding Lucca's dick. Lucca helps add leverage by placing his hands on Trent's hips, then Lucca begins to fuck upwards into Trent's ass.

Trent gets on all-fours on the sofa for a final position change. Lucca plunges back into Trent's ass and fucks him mercilessly. As Lucca reaches climax, he pulls out and fires ropes of hot cum all over Trent's ass, then plunges back in so Trent's hole can milk out every last drop. The pair share a kiss as the camera pans away.

Don't miss the BONUS outtake at the end! As Lucca was fucking Trent on his back, Trent nearly nutted all over himself and we had to stop filming to give Trent a quick break.

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