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Date Released:  2021-11-08
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We find Christian Wilde sitting shirtless on the sofa, giving us a charismatic, devilish grin before he gives us a candid interview. Christian reveals that he's done a lot of "dirty" stuff trying to get the "poison [cum] out the body". That's a new one we haven't heard before but it makes sense now that we're thinking about it!

Christian unzips his jeans and reveals an impressive, hard, fat cock. He leans back and gives it a few strokes before adding some lube to the mix. He varies his speed and strokes the full length of his shaft before tugging on his balls and remarking that they're "full".

Christian showcases his precum for the camera and takes a taste before continuing to stroke his dick. As he approaches climax, he stands and plays with his nipples before blasting ropes of cum at the camera. He takes another taste of his cum, and we can tell by the look on his face that he enjoyed himself.

Stay tuned for more scenes from this DTF fella!

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