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Date Released:  2020-11-27
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How about double the Latin fun!?

I asked Zeno if he would be down to get fucked by Tony Romero. He said absolutely yes! Zeno also got a good look at Tony's bubble-butt and asked if he ever bottomed, and I said Tony was completely verse.

So, we got a flip flop video, with both guys opting to finish the video getting fucked on their back.

Zeno struggled in his last video to cum, but this time out he was not so exhausted from travel (He flew in the night before this shoot) and was REALLY ready to bust.

They take turns fucking each other, and I feel like Tony took the win as best Top, while Zeno wins for best Bottom. What do you think?

Tony fucks the cum out of Zeno, leaving a huge puddle of cum. Tony scoops it up, and uses it as lube and then paints Zeno's hole with his own jizz.

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