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Date Released:  2020-07-22
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We always have a few guys that are quick shooters. They usually are just very excited to be fucking around, while others just need to shoot a load (or two!) before they can confidently fuck.

Jet is our most infamous multiple ejaculator, but there were a surprising number of guys who lost it while fucking or being fucked.

Byron always came easily while being fucked. Roby never made it all the way through his solo be he accidently shot his load. His issue carried over to his Serviced video. Even while topping, Roby found it was difficult to keep the floodgates back.

Even powerhouse performer Wren would have to avoid touching his dick while being fucked. But not always because he was being anally stimulated. I had finally convinced Braxton to suck a dick, confident nothing would happen, but Wren ended-up cumming in his mouth. Ok, so Braxton wasn't too happy about it, while Wren looked abashed but sneaky from filling Braxton's mouth with his load!

So, take a look at about a dozen guys who just lost control. Often, they recovered and shot a second or even third time!

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