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Date Released:  2020-07-10
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Kocxin is a bi guy, but he does have a girlfriend and doesn’t have a huge amount of experience with guys. He is a guy who likes bootie toys.

He does like to bottom, and has a decent sized toy that he uses at home. He actually hasn't been using it much, so he was a little worried about bottoming again.

He did a little a stretching before the shoot, and he did great. A little slow at first as Kevin broke him in.

Kevin keeps toying with the idea of bottoming, but once again he was matched with a dude with too big of a cock to train on. Kocxin doesn't really want to top anyway, as he gets few chances with a real cock inside of him. Kevin does a great job sucking on Kocxin's fat dick!

Kevin's balls swing back and forth as he fucked Kocxin.

I was a little worried Koxcin would have trouble cumming, but once he put his mind to it, he busted easily. Not sure why I worried, his cock dripped pre-cum the whole time he was getting fucked.

Kevin then juices his hole with his load, and shoves the sticky mess inside of Kocxin's greedy hole.

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