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Date Released:  2019-11-20
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You can sure tell that Kyle was eager to suck some cock. He happily and perhaps greedily rubbed James's cock through his shorts, sniffing and yanking on his cock until he pulls it out in order to gobble him up.

Kyle dives in aggressively, sucking James with intensity. James kicks back and delights in the professional blow-job.

They swap places, and James sucks on Kyle's cock. Kyle gets hard for a while, so James decided some anal attention would perk him back up. James flips him doggie-style to rim him, and then after some fingering, he slides a plug into Kyle's ass. That did the trick!

James then goes and makes Kyle suck his cock with his ass plugged. This kept Kyle nice and happy throughout the rest of the video.

Kyle rims James with greed and gusto. You can tell he also REALLY like to eat ass!

Finally, Kyle lays down and James fills his mouth with his load. Cum is everywhere, and while Kyle plays with it in his mouth, he immediately bust his own load.

Their timing was impeccable, and surely is one of the best facials of the year!

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