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Date Released:  2019-11-13
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Reese's eyes were glued to Bentley's cock throughout the first part of this video.

They start by watching a video together, but Reese is paying little attention to the video. He only had eyes for Bentley's big uncut cock. He slides down to suck him, and WOW! This young dude can really suck cock!

He has style and finesse, as well as great deep-throat skills. Bentley was in total ecstasy as Reese worked his cock.

Bentley takes charge, flipping him on to his back in order to get Reese fully hard. He gets Reese's cock hard, and once again, Reese's toes a play a symphony on an imaginary piano. The really do wriggle around when he is being pleasured!

They 69-suck and then Reese rims Bentley's hole. You can tell Reese is way into it, slapping and jiggling his ass before, then diving in deep with his tongue.

Bentley spins Reese around and fucks his face over the side of the bed. Reese handle the face-fucking like a pro. Such great skills for a younger dude!

Bentley then shoots his load giving Reese a facial. While sucking out the last bit of jizz from Bentley's cock, Reese blows his own load!

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