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Date Released:  2019-11-01
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Maverick and I were both very eager to get him in to do his first sex film. I really wanted to see his tight little ass fucked!

Then I realized what a great cock sucker he is! He would deep-throat Kyle down to his balls, while Kyle's head would loll around in ecstasy and was clearly impressed.

Somehow this brought Kyle up to a challenge and he worked hard to orally please Maverick.

They 69-suck each other, and then takes turns rimming each other's holes.

By this time Maverick was ready to sit on some cock. He starts by riding Kyle's cock. He eventually spins around and Kyle goes to town on his ass. So hot watching Mavericks's cock bounce around as he gets hammered. Maverick even laid back on top of him. Kyle supported his weight while he drills Maverick's hole with no escape.

Maverick likes to cum on his back and boy did he ever cum! You can tell even Kyle was impressed by the amount of jizz shooting out of Maverick's cock.

Kyle pulled out and added his own load, leaving the biggest cummy mess I have seen in a good long while.

Maverick's balls were coated in their combined cum!

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